Am I a Loser if…?

Or the person to be avoided?

Am I a loser/social outcaste if I don’t follow the mainstream?

Or if I don’t have lots of friends? (or any at all)?

Or if I don’t drink/smoke?

Or if I don’t party?

Or if I am not on any social media?

Or if I am not very talkative?

Or if I am rather “simple” than “sophisticated”?

Or if I don’t dress up/do my hair too much?

Or if I am traditional and believe in God and traditional values?

and so on and so forth…

It’s definitely not “cool” nowadays. I don’t know where I belong?

World is not a nice place

Especially in this century, or maybe it has always been, but at least now it definitely isn’t a nice place for any sane person to live peacefully. Modern city lifestyle especially isn’t peaceful at all. There is no peace of mind. Even in the country, the living costs have soared. Traditional family strutures are breaking down. Women are having no choice but to work, full time. Couples can’t afford to have many children. Oh and everyone is so selfish. They are selfishness personified.

Leftism is destroying the world

Why is being patriotic, holding traditional/conservative views, believing that marriage as a ceremony in a place of worship should only be between a man and a woman, believing that your gender is what you are biologically, choosing to be a housewife, opposing unrestricted immigration(and the list goes on) considered to be on the level of sin nowadays? Is that not included in free speech? Why is it ok to protest against democracy if the result is against your views?

If any countries do need some leftism are the Muslim countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and so on.

To the civilized nations – stop licking the arses of the muslims. Put your own citizens first. You don’t have any obligation to take in their refugees. Stop selling halal meat in your supermarkets, restaurants and schools. These so called refugees are just economic migrants who despise your nation and culture and have no intention to integrate. They want to build mosques and bring Sharia to your countries. They will turn your countries into the ones they ran from in a few years if we give into Leftism.

Maybe I have got slightly off topic there but I am sure a large percentage of British and Europeans agree with me. The unrestricted opening borders to the Muslims has been due to the Lefties, for which an average hardworking and patriotic Joe who pays his taxes is paying the price.

Music is my meditation

Sometimes I feel I have nothing in life. My only comfort, love, meditation is music. METAL.I could just live for music – playing music, creating music, searching for true music, listening to it, feeling it, loving it. It can put me into trance. Feelings and thoughts are best described by music. Music is even greater than vision. What mind cannot put into even thoughts, let alone words, music does, and then the mind dances in ecstasy. Music makes everything clear. It covers all shades. All feelings. Everything there is. I worship music.

I want to marry myself

I wish I had a clone (mentally a clone) of the opposite sex. I would marry him. I wish to marry/be with a person with almost exact thoughts/views as me and that’s nearly impossible. There can’t be such a person.

However, I wish that mental clone of mine wouldn’t have my negative traits such as depression, anxiety, social anxiety, agoraphobia. He should be very confident, unlike me. He should not be as disturbed as me, but same views on things and same desires and aim of life and interests. He should be able to do all the things I couldn’t and engage me in them too.

I could be myself with him, completely, make the lamest jokes and he would laugh. We could have “our” kind of fun, completely different from rest of the world.

And so on and so forth.

But since that’s not possible in this world, unfortunately, I want to marry myself. I could marry myself and imagine that clone in my mind for the rest of my life.